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17 Calligraphy Inspiration Designs We Made

Calligraphy inspiration design - Handwritten "Viss bumbās" with black and gold ink
Are you practicing calligraphy or brush lettering, and have ran out of ideas? If yes, then by reading this post, we will help you to feel more inspired for your next calligraphy project! Here is a list of 17 calligraphy inspiration designs we made and are willing to share.

17 – Inktober

Let’s start with “Inktober”, written in modern calligraphy.

16 – Codex Sinaiticus

Text fragment from a book “Codex Sinaiticus” (http://www.codexsinaiticus.org). Made in a workshop that was held by George Goece van Durtanosky.

15 – Red and Black

Let’s make it stand out! Red with a little bit of black here and there. Made by Ecoline brush pen.

14 – Happy Fools day!

If you have a blank wall and cannot think what kind of painting or photo should place hang there. Here is an idea – You can write some art!

13 – Keep calm and do Calligraphy!

Practice makes perfect. And patience in calligraphy is a must.

12 – Coffee cup

Idea of combining photo with speech bubble with a text written in Brush lettering style.

11 – Motivation quote

You can also write your own motivation quote and place it somewhere you look in the mornings. That might help to keep you driven.

10 – Envelope stamp

Handmade stamp for envelopes. A little attention to details. And everything is in the details.

9 – Christmas card

Combining small drawings and multiple words together for a Christmas card design.

8 – Creativity

Can you guess what is written here? Let’s play a game – write down in the comment the first word that comes into your mind! 😊 HINT: It is not an english word, so whatever you see, might work!

7 – March

Try multiple variations of the same word.

6 – Combination of two styles of letters

Two completely different styles of letters (and colors) were used here. Try to combine styles!

5 – Clean Brush Lettering

Just clean strokes, keeping it minimalistic. Black on white.
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Vakara nodarbe – paņemt vienu vārdu vai vārdu savienojumu un uzrakstīt vienu reizi. Un tad novērtēt savu skici, atzīmējot uz tās to, kas patīk un to, kas nepatīk vai vajag uzlabot. Un tā rakstīt katru nākamo – analizējot un mainot burtu formas, distanci, slīpumu, līnīju biezumus. Tikai tā var augt un attīstīties! Ar pirmo reizi viss uzreiz nevar sanākt! Tādā veidā tu vari atrast arī interesantas un jaunas burtu formas. Eksperimentē un analizē! P.S. Kurš "ņam-ņam" variants tev visvairāk patīk? ✔️👍🏻🖌🔛 / Evening practice – take a word and write it down. And then analyze what you like in the sketch and what should be improved. Then make new sketches, each time analyzing what you got. This way you will grow and develop brush lettering skills! 👍🏻🔛🖌✔️🎨 #brushlettering #practice #moderncalligraphy #kaligrāfija #lettering #burti #ņam #ink #writing #typography #padoms #māksla #treniņš #kuretakebrushpen #lamyink

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4 – Black and Gold

Graffiti style of letters. Play around with colors!

3 – Just one letter – Z

Very clean and simple this time – Choose and write only one letter, but try to make it badass. Try different variations of the same letter!

2 – World Calligraphy Day

More complicated lettering – Combining letters with multiple colors and particles.

1 – The Calliverse

Open your mind and explore the beauty of handwriting. Letters do not always have to be understandable, yet they can be understandable to creator – the author.
Now, by scrolling through our list of 17 Calligraphy ideas, you might feel more inspired to start working on a new Calligraphy project! Go and explore the beauty of Calligraphy, and leave a comment below how it goes!😉

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